New Apartment Buyers - FAQs

As you buy a new home, these questions will answer all common queries about buying and owing a property in India. Use this guide to acquaint yourself with rules, laws and important information.

Carpet Area

This is the area of the apartment that does not include the area of the walls.

Built-Up Area

This is the area of the apartment that includes the area covered by the walls.

Super Built-Up Area

This includes the built-up areas such as the lobby, lifts, stairs etc. This term is therefore only applicable for multi-dwelling units, such as flat complexes (It includes common area % varies from 15% to 25%).

Yes, we construct a building as per vasthu only.

We construct a building 3 to 3.5 ft. height from road level.

Yes. If you purchase the land cost more than 50Laks you have to pay TDS for 1% from property cost.

There is no prescribed norm for determining the market rent rate though it can be easily found out by approaching individuals such as brokers, registration authority, etc.

Absolutely possible! You will be able to customise your home to fit your budget and your tastes. We will work with you throughout this process to guide you and answer your questions. We will accompany you as you visit suppliers to make choices if you like.

This is one of the most common questions about the custom home building. When the final plans are available and the land has been purchased, we build your home in 6 to 8 months and guarantee the closing date upon signing.

Changes and revisions can be made during the design process; however, all the decisions are made prior to construction with our design team to avoid confusion among trades and our superintendents. We work with you when making decisions because we understand that building a new home can be a very stressful time for you, we like to make it as stress free as we can possibly can.

Most institutions are willing to consider the joint incomes of the applicants for deciding the loan amount. Some institutions do not require the co-applicants to be co-owners of the property to be purchased.

If you purchase a new flat within two years of the date of sale of the original flat and invest the entire amount of capital gained into the new flat, you will not have to pay any capital gains tax.

Yes. The RBI may grant permission to a foreign citizen of non-Indian origin/foreign companies if the property is purchased for residential use and the consideration is paid by way of foreign exchange.